Rapt by Bellies and Beyond- Pretzel Parlour

$35.99 (inc GST)

Rapt by Bellies and Beyond Pretzel Parlour print is the Perfect to wrap your baby and encourage good sleep practices. ''This arm over that arm, twist, roll and wrap snugly…like a pretzel. It’s as soft as butter and your bub will be wrapped tightly and look so delicious you’ll want to eat it up.''


  • 120x120cms
  • 100% bamboo- softest on the market

Rapt by Bellies and Beyond owner is a sleep consultant and mama of 3. The wraps are designed in Bondi Australia with the help of leading Australian artist Laura Blythman, their prints that are unique and different from all others.

Rapt by Bellies and Beyond are extra large to help babies settle for longer, they are not only perfect for wrapping your baby in but for throwing over your shoulder when breastfeeding, as a tummy time mat, burping cloth or bassinet sheet.

Bellies and Beyond have been helping mothers with their babies sleep for years now both in Australia and internationally so it seemed like the natural progression to make baby products to facilitate even more sleep for tired mothers.